Unpopular social media

In a recent client meeting, their social media guru reported in tones of breathless excitement – how hits, posts and tweets were soaring. Not only that, the rate of soar was itself soaring.

Bearing in mind that I’m a miserable curmudgeon, the presenter – an enthusiastic, personable West Coaster – really had me interested. Gee, my client had spent $100,000 on social media and seeing BIG NUMBERS in just THREE MONTHS.

The campaign counted, measured and monitored every click, channel and hit. WOW!

But in three-months the campaign produced no leads. None. Zero. Zip. In the meeting I pointed out that giving the money to the homeless would produce the same result – or with a bit of PR, perhaps some enquiries.

(From experience, I would advise against this kind of wiseacre approach; we’re not with that client any more.)

Anyways, don’t get fooled by the amazing stats and whizgiggery of social media. Does it deliver?

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