Editorial and copywriting services:
clear, concise, and compelling
case studies, white papers, solution briefs

Strand writes customer case studies (also known as success stories), white papers, blog posts, email nurture cadences, and much more. All copy is written, revised and polished in English, the global shared language for business. When the final version has been agreed, local language editions are prepared based on a single gold copy, ensuring continuity and consistency of messaging worldwide. Strand writes storyboards, preps questions, guides customers, and steers conversations, designed to communicate the business benefits of sophisticated technologies.

For enterprise technology companies seeking to expand their global reach, Strand offers comprehensive editorial and copywriting services:

Use customers to tell their stories about business success
Write clear, concise, compelling white papers and blog posts
Create effective video and social campaign materials

Strand specialises in communicating the business benefits of enterprise technology, with clear, concise sales and marketing messages.

Step 1

Stride takes the brief, creates an original storyline

Step 2

Stride handles the complete review process

Step 3

Strand manages customer approval and sign-off

Step 4

Strand creates versions for global promotion