Environmental & Recycling Policy

This Policy applies to services provided by Strand Communications Limited (“Strand”) and services provided by Strand under its trading brand Strand Writing and Design (“Strand”).


Strand completes business activities that may affect the environment, such as marketing, research, planning, creative, and production.

Strand’s environmental policy is to:

Identify environmental aspects of business operations and mitigate their effects

Minimise the environmental impacts of business activities, prevent pollution and improve environmental performance

Protect the environment, ecosystems and biodiversity by using sustainable resources

Ensure compliance with legislation and voluntary obligations relating to the environment

Promote sustainable development by conserving energy, materials and resources

Create awareness of environmental issues to employees, partners, clients and suppliers

Recycle widely and to support the implementation of a Zero Waste Strategy

Implement this policy in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

Set objectives to improve environmental performance:

Reduce energy usage
Reduce waste
Become carbon neutral

This Policy shall be reviewed annually.

Contact Information

Contact Strand if you have any questions, complaints or suggestions concerning this Policy by email ([email protected]), telephone (+44 20 3882 0321) or physical post (Strand, 165 The Broadway, London SW19 1NE, UK).