I have just reviewed both the updated video. I just wanted to say, really fantastic work! Very impressed by the quality of the translations. Thank you for the hard work you have put in, it really has saved me a lot of time. I am sending these off to the China team now.
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I tell everybody what a great resource you are. By nature I guess, we like to stay involved and overmanage everything. My note below tells (person X) to turn it over to you and get out of your way… he will soon learn that 100% of the time it comes out right with you on the case. Thanks for all your help.
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The good news is WOW, WOW, WOW! I absolutely love this story. It is perfect in so many ways… strongly highlighting the customer’s need, detailing the solution, and I am 100% impressed. For a change (and quite rare for me), I have literally no constructive comments to offer that are of any significance.
Senior Program Manager, Case Study
Seen the case study on the website. Just wanted to mention how professional it comes across – it’s usually difficult to get PR people to understand the basics of the technologies involved but you clearly understood them.
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Both of these are great case studies. At SAP Sapphire the morning Xxxxxx highlighted the xxx case study in his keynote speech. We should try to highlight and promote these as appropriate through our mutual market mechanisms and methods. Thanks for all the hard work.
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I just wanted you to know that I just updated the homepage for our success stories — and all of the featured stories are ones that Strand produced! the sponsors just loved them! so, great work (as usual!).
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Over the years, (person X) has been very critical of the stories we created – the last agency we used could never seem to satisfy the level of quality that he wanted, and we just couldn’t seem to get it right. I really thought that we had forever damaged the relationship. He feels the SP process is brutal and effectively didn’t want any part in case studies with us any more. Thank you so much for creating such a strong story – when comparing the two different stories, from two different agencies is amazing. X is clearly very happy with the outcome!! Thank you. I really appreciate the hard work that you’ve dedicated to our stories, and the early ⁄late hours you put aside to speak with folks Down Under! (X had written: This is excellent. Seriously – I think this is the best case study I have seen produced in this space. Nice one.)
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This weekend I went through some chapters and checked the changes done by your agency (Strand), and I am really impressed! This is a VERY helpful review! Your agency did not only check English language. There have been some comments where sentences or paragraphs have been questioned. And these remarks have been very helpful! There have been a lot of unclear passages in the text. These remarks have helped to streamline the text. I have never seen this level of competency in such a ‘language review’.
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Guys, I want to say many thanks to you all for the effort and push on getting the white paper done in time for the Users Conference. I know it was a last-minute rush on a new topic area and that is not easy. I appreciate your keenness to stick with it to get it right. The paper does a good job in explaining how the products fit together and was warmly received.
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Thank you indeed for your valuable project work. With your professional coaching we came to an impressive project reference which we surely will use during next Cebit computer fair in Hannover 2014. I would highly appreciate to working with you again!
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Danke für Ihr Schreiben, ich finde die Case Study absolut gelungen und sehr gut geschrieben. Tolles Projekt!
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Hello All: Many thanks to everybody who contributed to the wonderful set of Solution Briefs. They are very well written and will help us a lot in communicating our world-leading capabilities.
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It’s scary working with you… you actually get things done!
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It’s my pleasure to work with you again.
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The press release has been a resounding success, getting in Computer Weekly and being picked up by ODPM who are using it as an example of Egov working, so well done.
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I’d like to congratulate you on a job… actually many jobs… I, too, appreciate your hard work and above all your patience with me and our ‘dynamic’ processes.
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This is a great customer success story! The quotes and copy are excellent.
Marcomms Manager, Case study
This is great! Thank you for putting this together so eloquently, it’s such a positive case study.
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A very successful marketing campaign. I guess the challenge is now that you’ve set the standard, how you’ll top it next year??
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(We are) delighted with the positive tone and high energy conveyed by Strand’s writing.
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I was impressed by Strand’s ability to convert highly technical data into clear and focused user benefits, leading to a very satisfying end result.
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My own impression of this writing is: EXCELLENT JOB and COMPELLING STORYTELLING!
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Thanks so so much for the story. It’s honestly perfect… (Original German: Vielen vielen Dank für die Story. Ist wirklich perfekt…)
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Great job on this. This is by far our most impressive client piece to date. It hits all of the key points, and the quotes from the customer are spot on. Well done!
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Just wanted to say thanks for a great job on the AI email series – really appreciate the high standards and quick turnaround!
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I’m really pleased with the output. So far, only Caroline’s first blog is live but has already been picked up by 2 media outlets – so I’ve got high hopes for the remaining 3!” -- Head of Account-based Marketing
Great job on this – it is a really strong piece. I posted it on Friday and it has already gained some good traction.
This is really impressive stuff. Thanks very much for helping us document this fantastic story.
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[The] story is published and we got great feedback from the [customer's] CTO & President, sending an email to our CEO so kudos on this one! ?
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Really impressed and happy with the work. Thanks for getting up to speed so quickly and being a valuable addition. As for the future, I’m in the process of defining our content strategy, and you’re my preferred copywriters!
I love this story. This is great.
Congrats to you & team! It's one of the best case studies I've seen.
It’s a great pleasure to work with you and your brilliant colleagues!
I so appreciate all the fine work that Strand has done this past year. … and no sign of slowing down!
It is an absolute pleasure working with David and the team at Strand! I consider him part of my team! TBH I don’t actually know what I would do without him!
Was a pleasure to work with Haya, very professional and creative in every case which is out to www!
I also want to take advantage of this opportunity to (again) let you know how happy I am to work with you and the rest of the lovely strandies, I can honestly say you all are my favorite partners in crime ever! Keep up the great work!
It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and your team these past couple of years. I wish all of our partners were as wonderful as you!
Again, it’s such a pleasure working with you on this content. We have turned into a content generation machine ... and folks are impressed.
This is fabulous work! Love it! Nothing like seeing a client win come to life so impactfully.
It's actually one of the best written vendor posts I've ever seen.
Media Relations Director
It’s stellar! I am keeping it as a model example in my files of “The Ultimate Case Study…
I think this is an excellent case study. I particularly like the way the value realized from cloud migration has been highlighted in the case study. No further edits that I can recommend.
WOW. Very nice work. You've really hit a narrative that I'm sure will catch our own IBM salesforce, as well as the customers they share it with.