Technology Marketing Managers’ Index, June 2020

Welcome to the survey results from the Technology Marketing Managers’ Index, June 2020.

I invite you to compare the results with your own views. Should you be reining in, or trying to out-market your competitors? On that topic, the Budget Barometer hints that people may be increasing their marketing activity:

  • Confidence has declined slightly, from 46 to 41 (where 50 is neutral)
  • Budget Sentiment has improved a little
  • Budget Barometer says more people expect budgets to rise than to fall
  • Scroll down for detailed results.

Please watch out for and participate in the survey next month; each response helps to build a clearer picture, which in turn helps to inform your marketing decisions.

Sector analysis


Q Today, how confident are you of the company’s future prospects?

A The May confidence score of 46/100 slipped a little to 41/100 in June (sliding scale where 50 = neutral)

Comment A mild decline in confidence; answers to the next two questions look similarly balanced

Budget Sentiment

Q Compared with this month, do you expect your marketing spend next month to increase, decrease, or stay the same?

A Responses as a percentage for each category

Marketing spendMayJuneChange
Decrease significantly40-4
Decrease moderately9.3310.671.34
Decrease slightly1617.331.33
Stay the same46.67525.33
Increase slightly2010.67-9.33
Increase moderately42.67-1.33
Increase significantly06.676.67

Comment Small differences between May and June. The two ‘significantly’ decrease/increase results offer some positivity.

Budget Barometer

Q Bonus optional question: what percentage decrease or increase?

A For those 27% of respondents who answered the bonus question, 30% of them said that their marketing spend would likely decrease by 10%, while 65% said that their marketing spend would likely increase by 10% or more; see graph

Comment If you see a greater area to the right of the zero-point on the graph, the Budget Barometer is positive. In comparison, in May the average expected budget change was +6.80%, in June the average expected budget change was +13.35% – an encouraging move

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