Nobody has to do anything

Here’s a story.

Often we are commissioned to create case studies on your clients who are upgrading their software.

You know, Version 2 to Version 4. SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA. That kind of thing. And the upgrade is a big sale, and the team wants a case study to help push along the next sale.

And it’s easy to think, “Oh, well they had to upgrade, the old version was out of support.” And it’s easy to think, “Oh, there’s no story here, move on, nothing to see.” And in fact, that’s often what the clients say, too.

But I gotta tell ya, it’s not true.

Because nobody ever, EVER, has to do anything. Your client COULD just take the pain and stick with the old version. But they didn’t. And it’s our job to find out why, and tell that story of why, and tell and sell the future benefits of your solutions.

If you’d like to create written and video case studies that grip the emotions and reveal the reasons WHY people do stuff, get in touch.

Strand: happy to help.

Toby Chapman-Dawe [email protected]