K.I.S.S. my Content

Every day I try to think of new, gripping, ripping yarns to post: Five-Point-Plans, Fascinating Facts, Illustrative Alliteration for the Amusement of Muddled Marketers.

You get the picture.

But today I gotta tell ya about the Most Successful Marketing Campaign Ever – and it wasn’t even intended as a marketing campaign.

We changed our switchboard phone number.

I sent a note with the new phone number. Not personalized or merged; no blurb about super-duper services; no sales pitch or call to action. Nada. Zip. Zero. Nothing. In fact, it was short to the point of rude.

And that mail generated more business than any other mail I have sent. Ever.

Lessons learned?

1 – K.I.S.S.

2 – Clarity, brevity, and utility are prized above self-promotion.

3 – Give practical, actionable information; don’t just talk about yourself.

P.S. Please note Strand’s new US number, (346) 249 3754.