How do you solve writer’s block?

Without question, Strand’s clients are among the brightest and best, easily capable of writing their own blogs, papers, case studies and clerihews.

So why do clients, every single one of them an IT marketing leader, hire Strand?

In economics terms, it’s down to the rules of comparative advantage, defined by David Ricardo in 1817. In practical terms, it’s because writing a blog, etc, falls waaaaay down the to-do list.

Faced with a million-and-one tasks, finding time to tap out 500 words seems beyond reach. Not to mention testing your golden prose on a colleague (and when they criticize, taking their remarks on the chin).

Strand solves writers block.

That’s because we write for a living. Obviously, we write extraordinarily beautiful copy, which helps, and we’re immune to the personal pain of criticism. (OK, not immune, but you get the idea.)

But don’t underestimate the value of simply getting stuff done.

Strand solves writers block.