Four Kinds of Value

How do we assign value to what we hear? How about this:

1 Zero Value: Me telling me how great I am

2 Some Value: Me telling someone else how great I am

3 Fair Value: Someone else telling me how great I am 

4 High Value: Someone else telling someone else how great I am

It’s noticeable that Category 1 describes the majority of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram posts.

When a politician tells you how wonderful they are, it’s a Category 2 statement.

The next level, Category 3, contains counsellors, therapists, proud parents and happy customers – a mixed bag, but certainly worth paying attention to valuable feedback.

And here’s the interesting bit: all third-party references fall into the high-value Category 1. For example, someone recommending a plumber, a friend vouching for a somebody’s job application, and a happy customer speaking to prospect customers.

Don’t tell people how great you are; let someone else do it.