Events, dear boy, events

Events, whether technical, sales or marketing, are huge opportunities to beef up your customer testimonials output – and yet so rarely are the opportunities truly siezed.

We have found that even at the busiest events, your clients are surprisingly willing to find 30 minutes for a conversation that can lead to a reference either on video or a written piece. I think people like the idea that they are important enough for you to find time – with an external journalist – to speak with them.

Of course in many cases clients will not be ready to go on camera or in print as a reference or case study. It can be *hugely* valuable to set up meetings to discuss where your clients are on their reference journey, and establish a future check-point.

And finally, it is *always* worth having a video team ready to grab informal vox-pops. These can be surprisingly effective, and again clients are often very happy to give you a 20sec clip about the event, about your solutions etc. No-one is afraid of video these days, they grew up with it, got married with it, holiday with it…

“Events, dear boy, events!” as Harold Macmillan may (not) have said.