Combined written/video projects

As the year accelerates away from us, you may be interested to hear about the growth of combined video and written case study projects.

In essence, the idea is to promote the business benefits of your solutions by asking your customers to go on-camera. We have found that today’s customers are very comfortable with being on-screen, mainly as a result of using Zoom/Teams on a daily basis. In addition, we can use the video interview to create the written case study, too, as a combined case study. The secrets are:

  1. Keep videos short. In fact, shorter.
  2. Captions are essential.
  3. Sound is more important than vision.

With a little thought about lighting, sound, and presentation, the video quality from Zoom/Teams is perfectly good for online distribution. The main focus should be on the editorial value: are the speakers saying anything worth saying?

If any of that sounds interesting, I will be delighted to share more detail with you.

Toby Chapman-Dawe [email protected]